TDISport Car Of The Year 2010 is TDIfurby

Congratulations to TDISport member TDIfurby.
Jason (TDIfurby) has won the title of TDISport Car Of The Year, his diesel monster started life as a standard Skoda Fabia PD100 back in early 2004.
By 2005 TDIfurby set about converting his PD100 Fabia into a PD130 (the first in the country, perhaps the world!). The modification bug firmly set in with Jason and before long a hybrid turbo was installed shortly followed by a 312mm brake setup to assist a little more with the importance of being able to stop.
Water methanol came further down the mods list to give yet more power into such a light weight roller-skate.

Now running 275bhp and with the target of 300bhp the TDIfurby project can be seen here:
TDIfurby Build Thread

We very much doubt Jason will settle for 300bhp once achieved though.

Well done for the title!

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