Peugeot has launched a new Marque plan, stating its goals for 2015.

To move up 3 places in the world car market.
To establish the Peugeot marque as the benchmark for style.
To become the leading manufacturer for mobility services.
In order to achieve these goals, Peugeot is relying on a new product strategy, new style lines, new mobility services and a new visual identity.

A twin product offensive

Peugeot will reaffirm its excellence in its historic heartland. A ‘Peugeot’ vehicle is always stylish and combines both driving enjoyment and environmental protection. A ‘Peugeot’ will never be purely functional; it will always awaken both emotion and invite usage. The Marque is, therefore, investing in a range of cutting edge technology: electric propulsion in the i0n and E-Vivacity scooter from 2010, diesel hybrid in the 3008 from 2011, e-HDi (Stop-Start) on all diesel models from 2011 and plug-in diesel hybrid in 2012.
Peugeot is embarking on a conquest to develop new market opportunities. Peugeot has already demonstrated its commitment to enter new markets, with the creation of the 3008 Crossover, 4007 SUV, and the new 5008 MPV. The future will see a special range of products, developed for international markets.

Peugeot recently showed its BB1 electric concept as part of a European tour of major cities. The overwhelming interest shown in the product means that Peugeot has now decided to design and build a vehicle which will embody all of the spirit of the BB1: 2.5m, 4 seats and 100% electric. The BB1 concept is a revolutionary way of seeing the urban journeys of tomorrow. It provides a very efficient use of space, dynamism and great manoeuvrability. Full connectivity with the latest smart phones, fully adaptable with an architecture the like of which has never been seen before; the BB1 will shake up the rules of motor vehicle design.
As part of this twin product offensive in its core markets and in new markets, Peugeot will launch a total of 14 new models worldwide between 2010 and 2012.

Peugeot is currently ranked in tenth position in the World Car Market and with this new strategy aims to move up three places by 2015.

New style lines
Peugeot is also revising and modernising its model styling; the SR1 concept car recently unveiled is visual proof of this. It embodies the strongest, most extreme and purist expression of Peugeot’s future styling.

It reveals all the main stylistic codes of forthcoming Peugeot models, reinterpreting the historic DNA of the Marque: speed, harmony, felineness and dynamism, and will be the star of the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March.

New mobility services
Peugeot is the only marque to be able to offer global mobility solutions through its range of cars, light commercial vehicles, scooters, bicycles and support services.

In 2010 the Marque will introduce Mu by Peugeot into Europe, an innovative “top-up card” mobility service. With its unique product range it allows everyone, whether they already own a vehicle or not and whether they are a Peugeot customer or not, to access a range of mobility services via a pre-paid “top-up card” which can be topped up via an internet site.

New identity
Peugeot provides a unique combination between the need for a vehicle and the emotion the ownership or desire creates. Peugeot’s aim is always to place emotion at the heart of any motoring experience: a ‘Peugeot’ will never be purely functional.
In order to communicate and illustrate the new identity all over the world, Peugeot will now adopt a new international brand signature: Motion & Emotion.

In this year of its 200th birthday, Peugeot is modernising not only its identity but also its activities throughout the world with a new set of corporate guidelines and graphics.

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