TDISport Insurance Scheme

on your car insurance

Everybody is looking for cheaper car insurance and
we can show you how you could get straight to the
biggest savings in just 3 Easy Steps with the mod-friendly
TDISport Insurance Scheme

Though we use computers as a guide, our expert staff individually assess you based on your own circumstances, regularly beating the rates the computer produces, the direct companies
and the price comparison websites. Clients actually SAVE 12.5% on average
and we’d like you to benefit from this too.

3 Easy Steps
The people who save the most money are those who follow our easy 3-step plan:

Have your best quote or renewal premium to hand

Give us a call FREE on 0800 917 2274
quoting CODE: TDI-015

Tell us your best quote and we’ll use it to negotiate a
better rate on your behalf

That’s right, get your best car insurance quote and we’ll beat it by as much as we can.

Remember, the clients who save 12.5% on
the best quote they can find adopt this method.

We use computers as a guide but our fully-trained, helpful staff consistently
beat the rates the computer produces, the direct companies and the price comparison websites when we have a ‘best quote’ to beat.

Quality service and advice too
You’ll also benefit from independent insurance advice and personal service
where your needs are put before all other considerations.

You’ll be able to speak to a real person in the UK and there are no call centres. And you’ll receive all the ongoing support you need, including claims assistance, throughout the life of your policy.

The scheme is available to any make and model, so your friends and family can
benefit too, just by quoting CODE TDI-015.

Simply call FREE on
0800 917 2274
quoting CODE: TDI-015
to find out how much you could SAVE

The scheme covers most modifications (EXCLUDING NITROUS and ROLL CAGES).
Drivers must be aged over 19 for Third Party, Fire & Theft or over 22 for Comprehensive. All makes and models considered eligible. However, all performance car drivers (VXR, Type-R, R32, etc) must be 25 and over. All drivers must have held a licence for at least 1 year, have minimum 12 months’ experience of driving/insuring similar performance cars and have at least 1 year’s NCB (unless you have NCB on a second car or a company car letter to state at least 1 year’s claim-free driving).

Saving applies to new policies for named drivers and is subject to individual circumstances including restrictions on claims/convictions and excludes all M, L, OL & SK1-12 postcodes and Northern Ireland. Some postcodes require the car to be parked off the road overnight. Written proof of best quote may be required.

12.5% is the average saving for new customers
(Jan-Dec 2009) where ‘best quote’ information was supplied.

The TDISport Insurance Scheme is administered by Chris Knott Insurance who is
authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.