Nissan Cube

Full details of Nissan Cube announced ahead of its UK launch in January
Cute, quirky and perfectly formed, Cube offers iconic angular design
Superbly equipped, exclusive urban superstar provides premium package without the baggage
Simple line-up starting at £14,000
Cube named by the London Design Museum as one of the 50 cars that changed the world
Cube is the shape everyone will be talking about in 2010, as Nissan’s global cult car is set to take over the UK’s city streets.

Nothing about Nissan’s new Cube is conventional. Chic, classy, timeless design has never been provided in a less pretentious package. Turning its back on the average look-a-like model, the Cube offers a unique solution for 21st century drivers.

The Cube has been conceived as a totally different take on an automobile. From the ground up it challenges convention, placing function ahead of form. Inside there’s a lounge-style space for five with a clever, inspired and surprisingly open occupant space with a ‘Jacuzzi Curve’ layout offering a space for relaxing, travelling and socialising.

The curve-themed interior design is characterised by the subtle wavy shaping of the instrument panel, door panels, seat shapes, and the iconic ‘Water Drop’ that can be seen in the cupholders and the climate control design. They are inspired by nature and the calming way that ripples move outward from a drop in water.

A large triple-layered glass roof is fitted as standard, giving a light and airy atmosphere throughout the cabin. As well as the traditional blind to prevent heat build up on sunny days, there is a shoji shade, inspired by traditional Japanese shades made of rice paper which can be drawn across the sunroof, allowing light to enter but minimising heat build up.

This unique approach to design has not gone unnoticed in the design world. The Cube has been named one of the 50 cars that changed the world by the London Design Museum, adding further evidence to the Nissan’s case of being a true design icon in its own right.

Measuring only 3,980mm in length the Cube is designed to be the perfect urban transporter, with a wheel-at-each-corner design maximising interior space without compromising the compact external footprint. It’s beautifully functional: Nissan’s designers affectionately describe the Cube as a ‘bulldog in sunglasses’.

And in keeping with its relaxed approach to transport, there’s nothing on the Cube price list to stress out the urban driver. The simple model range has been designed to offer a straightforward choice. The line-up consists of only 2 grades, starting at £14,000. Each version provides a template for drivers to create their own, customised Cube using a range of accessories and tattoos.

Even though the angular Nissan has been a cult car in Japan since 1998 with over 1million sold to date, so far British drivers have been deprived of a Cube experience. To celebrate the Cube’s long awaited arrival in the UK, the first 100 examples sold will all be ‘LDN’ special editions, finished in a unique Bitter Chocolate colour with matching suede interior trim. Priced from £14,600, the LDN also comes with climate control, rain sensing wipers and auto headlamps as standard. The Cube is set to remain a cult phenomenon in its first year as only around 2,000 will find their way to the UK.

The standard Cube grade not only introduces iconic asymmetric design to your driveway, but also includes a glass roof, rear privacy glass and Bluetooth and cruise control. Spend a little more and you can upgrade to Kaizen trim. Available from £15,100, this adds the Nissan Connect audio and navigation system, a rear parking camera and full climate control to the lengthy standard equipment list.

The engine range is just as simple. Providing the perfect partner for every Cube buyer, Nissan’s 1.6-litre 108bhp petrol engine gives the Cube emissions as low as 151g/km and combined fuel economy as high as 42.8mpg. The only decision is whether to choose the sharp-shifting manual transmission or opt for Nissan’s advanced CVT. Anyone looking to minimise running costs over a higher mileage should look out for a frugal 1.5-litre diesel engine joining the Cube range in May.

Nissan’s UK MD, Paul Willcox comments: “We’re excited to finally bring the ultra-cool Cube to the UK. Here we have a car that will not only meet the functional requirements of a huge range of new car buyers, but also capture their imagination. It’s very well equipped, built to the highest quality standards and above all else, the Cube is different!”

Cube fans can find out more about the transport of tomorrow at, where only those with a fine eye for design and style get their names onto the CubeList and gain exclusive access to the Nissan that breaks all the rules.

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