Free Volkswagen Winter Check

Over the past two winters, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance has attended 2,500 battery related call-outs and 700 wiper and washer related call-outs, so to make sure your van isn’t a victim of the cold this year, take advantage of the free Winter Check now available from Volkswagen Van Centres and authorised repairers across the UK.

The free, 30-point Winter Check includes essentials such as battery, lights, tyres, wipers and washers, plus screenwash and antifreeze levels.  If the screenwash is low, it will be topped up for free with Volkswagen genuine screenwash, which can cope with temperatures of minus 70°C.  If any items need replacing, a range of Volkswagen approved replacements are available at competitive prices, including winter tyres, which provide extra grip and traction when temperatures fall below seven degrees.

In addition, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has produced a video of top winter driving tips, with help from the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance partner, the RAC.  This can be seen at, or on YouTube at:

‘People don’t realise the importance of basics like good quality screenwash which works at much lower temperatures than cheaper alternatives, or that the correct antifreeze level is essential to reduce the risk and cost of burst pipes or frozen water pumps,’ said Stephen Bateson, Head of Aftersales and Customer Service.

‘This free Winter Check will help van drivers keep their vehicles on the road this winter, and save the cost of unnecessary repairs and lost business if they breakdown,’ he continued.

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