Why Change My Wiper blades?



Window wiper blades are one of the most inexpensive alterations to make to a car but they can be one of the most important also. Nearly half of all road accidents are caused due to impaired vision of a driver and having fully functioning wiper blades is a sure fire way to reduce the risks. There are also cosmetic and convenience related reasons for changing wiper blades.

Streaks and Smears

Fully functioning wiper blades should be able wipe away water without leaving any marks on the windshield. More often than not, if the blades are leaving marks, they simply need cleaned due to picking up dust, bugs, bird poo or any of the other grime that is slung your vehicle’s way whilst driving. However, many of these stains, bird effluence in particular, contain corrosive chemicals that can damage the rubber part of the blade irrevocably. Permanently damaged wiper blades will streak regardless of cleaning but they can also lead to bigger problems…

Ineffective in Heavy Rain

Adverse weather causes all sorts of problems for drivers but the ability to see is paramount when the heavens open and a downpour catches you unaware. Wiper blades in a bad state of repair will not remove sufficient water to make driving safe; this is hazardous for everyone on the road.


Screeching or ‘chuddering’ wiper blades are a sign that the blade mechanism is becoming worn and needs replaced. While the blades may still act effectively as a car window wiper, the noise is certain to be irritating and off-putting; the last thing anyone needs on a long car journey.

How Often Should Blades be Changed?

It is recommended that you change your wiper blades around once a year. In a typical year the average wiper blade will make more than a million swipes, wiping enough windscreen to cover forty football pitches. That said, if a wiper blade displays any of the signs of wear and tear it should be replaced immediately.

Replacement wiper blades can usually be purchased for less than £10 and are a breeze to install; considering the peace of mind the offer, along with the aesthetically pleasing bonus of having a streak free windscreen, it is a small investment of both finance and labour.

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