TDISport Rolling Road Day

TDISport will be holding a Rolling Road day at the CCTuning headquarters in Burton Upon Trent, DE14 2DS on the 1st May (the long bank holiday weekend).
Everyone is welcome, but please put your name down on the list which can be found here:
TDISport Rolling Road Thread

The session will consist of 3 rolling road runs per car, along with an accurate print out of each stating the power made from your car. The cost is just £30 for the whole day, but no charge if you wish to pop along, show your support or even decide to run later on in the day.
This will be our third rolling road day to be held at CCTuning and are aiming to make this the biggest and best turnout yet. As with before all runs will be uploaded onto the TDISport youtube channel (unless you wish us not to), the pictures and write-up from the day will be sent to a couple of magazines for them to use as editorial, both in paper in the magazine and online.

People wishing to make use of the CCTuning special offer of discounted remaps to all TDISport members can make use of this opportunity at the end of the rolling road session, with power runs on the dyno from before and after the tuning session, along with a print-out.

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