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SEAT is celebrating its biggest fleet deal with news that it is to supply 500 new Leon Ecomotives to British Gas.

The outstanding deal, brokered by SEAT UK’s newly-revamped Fleet and Business Sales team led by Head of Fleet and Business Sales Nick Andrews, saw the ultra-green Leon come out tops in a tender process that initially involved more than 50 models.

British Gas is Britain’s largest domestic energy supplier with more than 20 million energy and central heating services customers.

The deal with SEAT will see hundreds of British Gas drivers slip behind the wheel of new, second generation Leon Ecomotive models – with the first cars due to be delivered early in 2010.

The newest version of SEAT’s Leon Ecomotive improves significantly on its previous already impressive CO2 performance: at only 99 g/km in official tests, the new model is a full 20 g/km better than its predecessor thanks to the addition of Auto Start/Stop and energy recovery functions, allied to the engineering advances provided by a new
1.6-litre common rail diesel engine.

Integral to that exceptional economy is the Spanish brand’s use, for the first time, of Auto Start/Stop technology. When the car comes to a halt, at a red traffic light for example, the driver selects neutral and lifts his foot off the clutch. At this point the Start/Stop system kicks in and automatically switches off the engine. When the driver depresses the clutch again the engine seamlessly starts up, and when a gear is engaged the car can be driven off as usual.

The new Ecomotive is also equipped with SEAT’s clever energy recovery function which recycles energy coming from the alternator when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator or steps on the brake. The engine work is reduced, so fuel consumption decreases.

Modifications to the five-speed gearbox of the new ‘green’ model also contribute to improving the fuel consumption figures still further. In addition, the new car is fitted with SEAT’s handy recommended gear indicator device, located in the instrument binnacle, which displays the most appropriate gear for the driving conditions.

Commenting on SEAT’s successful tender, Colin Marriott, fleet manager at British Gas, said: ‘SEAT has taken an industry-leading approach; innovative, flexible and way ahead of anyone else involved in the tender process.

‘This is a fantastic addition to our fleet and the additional advanced engineering features help us to continue to lead the way on reducing emissions.’

SEAT UK Head of Fleet and Business Sales, Nick Andrews, said: ‘Obviously the team’s efforts in securing this business represent a major milestone for us.

‘Sally Livingstone, my new National Fleet Sales Manager, and the rest of the team have secured an outstanding result with this successful tender. But this is just the beginning: our aim is to make SEAT a fleet manufacturer of choice and we will be working hard to achieve that ambitious target over the months and years ahead.’

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