Glamorous eco driving challenge from Paris to Geneva
72 entrants from 18 countries compete in 4 categories
Most fuel-efficient drivers win and receive Peugeot cars
This week sees the launch of the first ever pan-European eco-driving challenge – the Peugeot Eco Cup. Following in the footsteps of those early pioneering motoring journeys, the Peugeot Eco Cup will follow a 1000 kilometre course from Paris to Geneva, with the winners being those arriving at the finish within set time targets having used the least fuel.

Entry to the Peugeot Eco Cup is open to any qualified driver. Would-be competitors can sign up at the dedicated website which can also be found via by 15 February 2010.

The website features a range of eco-driving tips, an online eco-driving test and details of the four different Peugeot cars available for the event. Applicants select the car category they prefer to compete in, enter their details and submit a 140 word description of what makes a good eco driver.

Peugeot will select 72 competitors from the online entries and then randomly draw entrants to be invited to take the challenge, with four each representing the 18 European countries (and accompanied by a team-mate of their choice), to compete in four different Peugeot cars: 207 HDi 90, 308 HDi 110, 3008 HDi 110 and 5008 HDi 110. Each car is a diesel powered practical family vehicle recognised for its excellent fuel economy and low carbon emissions.

With strict equivalent weights for each model used, the 72 vehicles will all set off from Paris on Sunday, 28th February 2010 towards Geneva via a compulsory 1,000 kilometre route to be covered within the 30-36 hour permitted period.

For each model, the candidate having consumed the least fuel at the end of the course will win a new Peugeot car. Winners will be announced and the keys to the vehicles will be handed over on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 on the Peugeot stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

Family, friends and eco-driving fans will be able to follow the teams’ progress on a dedicated Facebook page (search for Peugeot Eco Cup), where they will also be able to contribute messages of encouragement, tips and suggestions.

Jon Goodman, MD of Peugeot UK said “This first Peugeot Eco Cup is a truly exciting challenge in the mould of those first great motoring adventures, and uses the expertise from one of Europe’s leaders in terms of environmental vehicles. We are seeking the best of the best in eco-driving, taking everyday but highly fuel-efficient Peugeot cars over a testing route to see just how far they can stretch their fuel capability. Will anyone make the finish on one tank? We’ll have to see.”

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