Why Diesel continues to offer more bang for your buck

The battle between petrol and diesel as a fuel source has raged for years, with both offering alternative benefits in terms of cost, economy and overall performance. Despite this, there has been an undoubted shift towards diesel in recent times, especially as the rise of hybrid and electrical vehicles has raised awareness concerning the environment.

In this respect, there is no doubt that diesel is a preferable choice to petrol, and the prioritisation of environmental issues has helped to promote the accessibility and cost advantages of the fuel source.

Make no mistake; diesel definitely offers more bang for your buck in the modern age and will continue to do so in the long-term.

Why Diesel offers better savings to Drivers

So why exactly is diesel a superior choice for drivers?

Firstly, these vehicles are decidedly more fuel-efficient, making it cheaper to run over an initial

period of one or two years. It is estimated that petrol-fuelled cars currently deliver up to 30% less

fuel economy than diesel alternatives, and while some may argue that the initially higher cost of diesel makes petrol cars more cost-effective over a longer period of time, this has little weight when you consider the direction in which the market is heading.

More specifically, the diesel-powered cars will continue to increase the fuel efficiency gap on petrol vehicles in the future, making an disparity between price points irrelevant.

The biggest argument against diesel cars (from history, at least) is that there were more expensive to buy and service than their petrol counterparts. There are two main debunkers of this is in the modern age, however, with the first being that larger, premium vehicles are actually cheaper to procure than similar petrol models. Additionally, dealerships such as Shelbourne Motors offer a growing range of used diesel cars, enabling you to access high-quality but competitively priced models that are more environmentally-friendly.


The Last Word

On a final note, it is also worth noting that diesels are generally cheaper to tax and insure than petrol cars, making it possible to add to your annual savings as a motorist. This is a particularly important consideration for young motorists or recently qualified drivers, where higher premiums and taxation can trigger inflated operating costs.

When you consider these savings alongside superior (and constantly improving) fuel-efficiency metrics, there is no doubt that diesel cars offer more bang or your buck over the course of a financial year. As the market continues to move towards environmentally-friendly fuels, this trend is only likely to continue and gather further momentum in the future.

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