The Top 3 Diesel Cars to Buy New

While growth in the new and used car sales markets may have slowed since the beginning of 2014, some vehicle types continue to shift at a considerable rate. For consistent growth and performance, however, few makes or models can match diesel cars, which have continued to sell at an incremental rate throughout the course of the last decade. They are now more popular than ever, primarily because they boast relatively low CO2 emissions and therefore remain compliant with contemporary environmentally values and legislation.


The Top 3


With so many new diesel models to choose from, however, which should consumers look to prioritise in the year ahead? Consider the following: –


  1. The BMW 3 Series Saloon


The BMW 3 Series saloon has earned rave reviews since its release, and it can effectively lay claim to being the best and most appealing diesel car currently on the market. Not only does it offer excellent fuel economy and exceptionally low rates of taxation, but it is also impressively quick across the ground and has the capacity to keep even the most demanding motorists satisfied. The combination of speed and fuel efficiency is quite rare even in contemporary models, so consider visiting to find an affordable deal for this vehicle.


  1. The SEAT Leon Hatchback


Another car that bridges the often cavernous gap between speed and fuel economy, the SEAT Leon Hatchback combines impressive economy of nearly 70mpg with the capacity to climb from nought to sixty in just 8.4 seconds. With a 2.0 litre engine, it offers a comprehensive package to motorists who are unwilling to compromise between style, form and function. There is even a spacious interior, and alongside outstanding performance and an excellent specification it remains one of the most coveted diesel cars of the year.


  1. The Skoda Superb Estate


At first glance, the Skoda Superb Estate may not inspire awe or a genuine sense of appreciation. There is far more to this model than meets the eye, however, as when you enter the cabin you will be presented with one of the most spacious and luxurious interiors imaginable. As impressive as this is, you should not lose sight of the cars excellent specification, which delivers excellent performance and fuel efficiency for cost conscious motorists. It is one of the cheapest diesel models to run in the whole of the UK, while its return economy of 67.3 mpg and an estimated annual road tax of just £20 offset the prevailing lack of speed when out on the road.

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