The Hidden Costs of the Most Well-Known Breakdown Providers

When shopping for breakdown cover it’s really important to shop around the find the best possible

policies. Many of the big breakdown providers don’t always offer customers the best and most

comprehensive cover when it comes down to it. The type of cover you need depends on lots of

different factors from your age and the age of your car to the annual mileage and whether you need

any additional extras like European cover. Here’s a few of the most common hidden costs you need to

look out for:

Breakdown with your insurance company

Some insurance providers offer breakdown cover with their insurance policy. Often a policy that’s

offered with an insurance company tends to be much less comprehensive than going directly through

a breakdown provider who will give you more options to tailor the breakdown cover to exactly what

you need, The limited cover that comes with your insurance might only cover your for basic roadside

assistance and very little else.

Different levels of cover

Most of the key breakdown providers offer 4 different levels of cover. These tend to start with the

standard roadside assistance, then a recovery level which will escort you home from the road, a home

start option which means they will come to your home to help you get your car started and onward

travel, where you’ll be provided with a courtesy car or accommodation if necessary. The type of

lifestyle you have impacts hugely on the type of cover you need. Most of the top providers offer deals

on their standard roadside assistance but do not include any extras so it can be problematic for drivers

who come into difficulty far away from home.

Buy Online

Most companies offer much cheaper deals if you buy your policy with them online rather than on the

high-street. With some companies even offering deals for families with one than one car, it’s easy to

get caught out and pay more if you buy a policy without shopping around first. Checking comparison

charts of the different cover offered by different companies can be really beneficial and ensure that

you get the right breakdown cover for you.

Shopping around for breakdown cover is very similar to shopping for car insurance; shopping around

really does guarantee you the best deals. By looking at the different policies provided and costs you’ll

be able to find the best possible breakdown cover for you.

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