Is Driving a Van as Fun as a Car?

No. At least, if you’re a car driver, that’s what your initial response will more than likely be.
Yet ask anyone who drives a van on a daily basis and they may answer differently. The two do differ in many ways, but a lot of enjoyment can be found driving a van. In most cases it simply depends on the type of van you’re in, a new Peugeot Bipper from Robins and Day is always going to provide a more enjoyable ride than a clapped out old banger.

The Basics

Parking a van is a lot harder and more stressful. This is partly because few have a rear view mirror and also due to the fact that most vans are a lot larger than regular cars. Once you’ve adjusted to the bigger size and only using wing mirrors it soon becomes a lot simpler, with the more challenging element even making it a bit more fun.


The speed limits differ for some vans, with them being limited to 50mph on single and 60mph on dual carriageways. Due to their larger size and weight this is for safety reasons, and can put off boy racers wanting to feel the speed. However, lighter and smaller vans can be just as nippy as their car equivalents and also modified for use off-road.


Vans are a lot heavier which makes them trickier to control in many ways. There are a lot of similarities when it comes to the controls of cars and vans so it’s easy to pick up, though best to do a little practice away from main roads first. Technology in vans has advanced a lot in recent years too, improving their handling when going straight, cornering and more.


Given the bigger size and weight, the average van is also significantly more powerful than a car. The feeling of controlling such a powerful vehicle can make it more fun to drive compared to more lightweight cars. Petrol heads who love the sound of a powerful motor will feel at home behind the wheel of a van.


Vans have evolved a lot in recent years, and there are now many options that look slick and stylish. You won’t feel just like another white van man cruising around in some of the more lightweight options or tearing up the road in a powerful machine. So, consider a van for your next vehicle as they can rival cars for fun in many ways.

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