Two Colored, Fully Automated Car Painting Now Available

Automation is taking over the car building industry, driving a 30% rise in industrial robot sales. However, one thing robots have struggled with is improving the aesthetics of a car. Many customers wish to repaint their vehicle, but thus far have had to rely on the skills of a well-trained, but expensive human painter. This is about to change, however, with the car tech firm Dürr unveiling a system of painting automation, which can paint using two colors with unrivaled accuracy and precision. It is hoped that this will keep down costs, speed up customer turnaround, and improve the aesthetics of new electric powered automobiles. Paint might not seem the most important aspect of car technology, but this new automated system from Dürr could be revolutionary.

The EcoJetPaint System

The exciting new system that Dürr has created is called EcoJetPaint. The CEO describes is as “the first system to efficiently combine customized product design with automated production”. By adding customized and bespoke paint jobs to cars efficiently, this new system reduces the time, cost and energy required to create a unique look on vehicles.

Solving the Two-Tone Paint Problem

When looking at an Automotive Touch Up review, there are certain common themes that arise. There are people who prefer a single-color paint job, while others like multiple shades. Although preferable, getting a two-tone paint job requires human expertise in paint touch ups, which is expensive and time consuming. The EcoJetPaint system is the first robot that can achieve the same results as a human.

Overcoming the Aesthetic Problems of Electric Cars

With the rise of e-cars, many drivers are also complaining that cars are less beautiful than they used to be. This is because vehicles must be raised in order to fit a large battery under the floor of the car. By repainting a car in two colors, it is possible to give the illusion that it is sportier and more low slung than it really is. This is why many drivers will spend a lot of money on redecorating their automobile.

Technology in cars has come a long way in recent years, but there hasn’t been enough attention paid to design and aesthetics. Traditionally, these are seen as tasks only suitable to the artistic and creative mind of a human being. This is about to change, however, with Dürr’s new EcoJetPaint system allowing for unique and exciting motor vehicle touch ups.

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