The Most Efficient Diesel Saloons Available

Even though diesel prices have hit their lowest price in five years, drivers are still concerned

with how often they have to fill up. Typically, saloons aren’t the most economical kind of cars so

choosing a model with an efficient diesel engine should be your priority. Here are three of the

best available right now.

BMW 3-Series Saloon 320d ED Plus, from £32,035

The BMW 3-Series is not only one of the bestselling executive cars in the UK, it’s also one of

most highly regarded diesel cars. This latest Saloon 320d ED Plus is also one of the most

economical in its class, too, thanks to the strides that the company has made with its

EfficientDynamics technology. The official mpg of the vehicle is 69 mpg, though real-world

tests found around 50 mpg to be the norm. This results in an indicative fuel cost of 10.8p per

mile. Tailpipe CO2 emissions are also 102 g/km, putting this BMW 3 Series Saloon into Car Tax

Band B.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C 200 BlueTec SE, from £29,380

In 2015, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class overtook BMW’s 3-Series to break into the top ten best

selling cars in the UK. While the real-world 52 mpg doesn’t quote match up to the 72 mpg that

Mercedes-Benz claims, it’s still respectable in its class. This means the Saloon C 200 BlueTec

SE narrowly improves on the 320d ED Plus with an indicative fuel cost of 10.2p per mile.

Similarly, tailpipe CO2 emissions are 101 g/km, placing the vehicle into Car Tax Band B.

Audi A4 Saloon 2.0 TDI SE ultra 150PS, from £29,150

Last, but not least, is the Audi A4 Saloon. While it may not be able to compete with the sales of

the A3, the A4 really stepped up where it counts this generation. It comes with a 2-litre engine

and a manual 6-speed transmission that can reach a top speed of 130 mph and 0-60 in 8.9

seconds. The 2.0 TDI SE ultra 150PS model advertises an official 74 mpg rating, though real-

world tests actually place this around 54 mpg, resulting in an indicative fuel cost of 10p per mile.

Tailpipe CO2 emissions of 99 g/km are also amongst the best in its class, putting the vehicle into

Car Tax Band A.

Combining stylish looks, premium components, and practical results, it’s easy to see why all of

these vehicles have become a popular choice for business use. Take a look here to see more of

your options and find out which is the right choice for you.

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