Best Diesel Vans You Can Buy Today

Picking a van may not give you as many options as when you’re picking a car, but that doesn’t at all

mean that it’s a simple and straightforward decision to make. If you’re in the market and are not sure

where to start, then this quick rundown of three of the best vans available today should help, and

we’ve separated the categories into small, medium and large.

Best Small Van

This category is very hotly contested, and you’ve perhaps got the most choice here because there are

so many options. This is likely because lots of manufacturers dabble in this market as small car

chassis can easily be transposed into small vans. Here you’re looking for a good price, economy, and

the best use of space you can fit in a small frame. The Ford Transit Connect, the smaller sibling of the

traditional van, is probably the choice of the discerning buyer in this category. It’s an excellent all-

rounder, and represents good value even when comparing it to some of the cheaper options out there.

Best Medium Van

The standard Transit van is certainly the best known van in this category, and indeed it still represents

a fantastic choice – a version of the Transit could probably win all three categories here. However,

there are still some other great choices, and this time we’re going to go with the Renault Trafic or

Vauxhall Vivaro. They’re both essentially the same vehicle, but have won awards for being extremely

efficient. The 1.6-litre diesel unit has a respectable 116bhp, and an incredible 47.9mpg fuel efficiency

rating. That’s best in class, and we think good enough for top spot, as fuel economy is an increasing

concern for commercial buyers.

Best Large Van

There are fewer choices in the large van sector, but the decision is still pretty difficult to make. At the

top end you’ve got offerings from Mercedes such as the Sprinter which offer excellent refinement,

and excel in every area, but which are still a little pricey compared with competitors (though leasing

might be a good option if you want the best – more info here). The Iveco Daily is the choice here, as it

offers excellent value for money while having good engines and a very durable finish. The previous

generation as popular, but the van you can buy today is even more refined, more fuel efficient and

better to drive.

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