TDISport Phil’s Diesel MK1 Golf

MK1 Golf GTD MK1 Golf Diesel Alloys

Phils latest project see’s him convert a MK1 VW Golf C 1.1 Ltre 4 speed engine into a MK1 GTD Golf. Well known for buying a new set of wheels for his cars every couple of weeks it seems Phil is changing his cars almost as often. The fabia VRS is now long gone (and as it seems, is on eBay at the moment) and the MK1 VW Golf is the latest car to be highly modified. His initial idea was to keep it petrol powered, however in true Phil fashion he changed his mind very quickly and opted to convert it to the dark side (Diesel).

The car features original S1 GTI seats, GTI Vented brakes, KW V1 Inox coilover suspension and many many sets of wheels.

The MK1 VW Golf diesel conversion is quite a popular idea amongst volkswagen enthusiasts, but very rarely seen through to completion. We look forward to hearing more from Phil about his MK1 Diesel VW Golf. The MK1 Diesel build thread will take you through from beginning to the current status.

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