Jason’s Diesel R32 Replica VW Golf Coming Along Nicely

TDISport member jason_rmh’s has spent many many hours on his car and needless to say many many pounds getting it to the fantastic standard it has reached at the moment.

R32 Diesel MK5 VW Golf

The Car started out life as a normal GT TDI 140 VW Golf. It now resembles almost exactly an R32, the 3.2 litre petrol model and is often mistaken as such at shows around the country which TDISport attend.
However, this R32 has something special…. it is of course diesel, making the car far more economical to run as a daily driver.

R32 Diesel MK5 VW Golf TDI

The R32 is a very very popular car amongst petrol heads and Volkswagen fans alike, but with consumption being a big issue Jason has the best of both worlds, an MPG of over 50 and a car with the stunning looks as the MK5 VW Golf R32.

You can read all about Jasons MK5 Diesel R32 within his members cars thread on the TDISport forum. Find out what modifications Jason has made to the car along the journey to it’s current specification. This is a thread not to be missed and will be very popular for car enthusiasts.

R32 Replica

The car features such interior enhancements as the RCD 510 stereo/entertainment unit found in the MK6 Golf, a Remap courtesy of CCTuning meaning the 140bhp output is a thing of the past. Full R32 interior, heated front seats, electric lumbar support. R logos on head rests.

R32 Replica Side View

Add it to your favourites and remember to check back often for more updates.

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