Join the TDISport Diesel Owners Club

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Who Can Join?

1. Any current diesel owner.
2. A past diesel owner.
3. A potential diesel owner.
4. Anyone with an interest in the diesel technology.

TDISport have no intention of making their members pay for being/becoming a member, it will always be a free service/resource. Our aim is to obtain as many members as possible, this cannot be achieved without help from you.

Why Join?

Joining is completely free and very easy to do.
You will be joining an up and coming club/website.
You can have a say in the development (any ideas would be gratefully received).
Full use of the forum will be available, talk amongst yourselves, post car information, obtain information.
How the site is run/maintained:
The TDISport site is currently run by one person, Aaron Bromley, an enthusiastic volunteer who shares an interest in the performance breed of diesel cars.

The site is currently funded by the owner, any donations made would go back into developing the TDISport club to make it bigger and better.
Tell your friends and help put TDISport on the map.