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The Best Volkswagen Golf’s for Extracting More Power

For anybody that is in the market for a powerful and fuel efficient diesel car, they may

want to consider looking at Volkswagens. The German manufacturer is one of the

most recognisable and famous of all manufacturers, and this is for good reason as they

have a long history of designing and making attractive cars which perform very well

and are also fuel efficient. Not just this, but those looking to modify their car to

extract more power and improve the overall performance can do so with

Volkswagen’s and particularly their famed Golf range.

The Volkswagen Golf

Produced since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has undertaken various body

configurations but it has always remained as one of the most popular cars on the

market. For speed freaks looking to extract more power and unleash their diesel car’s

full potential, the best generation of Golf cars is the Mk5 (although all generations can

easily be modified to be improved).

Remapping the Mk5

Unveiled in 2003, the Mk5 has a number of models and three performance models:

the Mk5 GT, Mk5 GTI and the Mk5 R32, all of which are ideal for remapping and

you will be amazed at the difference this will make. As with most cars, the engine and

performance of Golf’s is limited by the software in the engine control unit (ECU).

Through remapping, you can alter or replace the software to change how it performs.


This enables you to unleash your car’s full potential and the boost in bhp and torque

can be staggering and feel like a completely different car when you drive away.

The Mk5 generation is one which can particularly benefit from remapping, with the

GTI potentially increasing 50 bph. Additionally, remapping diesel engines can

increase economy by 7 to 10% as there is added torque lower down the rev range.

ECU remaps are also known to improve throttle response and provide enhanced and

smoother power delivery in diesel cars.

Finding an Mk5 and Modifying the Engine

Whilst all Volkswagen Golf’s (and, in fact, all Volkswagen’s) can benefit from

remapping, it is the Mk5 which you should look out for if you are looking to extract

more power as the change can be significant in both power and economy. There are

many excellent places to find new and used diesel Golf’s online, such as Motorpoint

and similar dealers. Once you have found the ideal car, it is then essential that you

take it to established ECU remap specialists who will be able to extract more power

and improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

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